Become a Buddy

Buddies are the nucleus to the success of Buddy Up Tennis! Each Athlete is partnered with a Buddy who provides encouragement, coaching, and support throughout the entire clinic.  Buddies include siblings and friends of Athletes, area high school, college and graduate students, as well as adults with a variety of professional backgrounds and skills.  Buddy Up Tennis provides a fun and purposeful way to give back to the community.

unnamed-4Do you like to encourage, empower others, and engage in activities with individuals?  Buddy Up Tennis is constantly searching for individuals who want to make a positive personal impact while serving as a great role model to our Athletes.

We are always looking for more volunteer Buddies for each of our locations.  No tennis skills are required.  The most important qualities are a positive attitude, willingness to help, and being ready for a fun and rewarding experience!

Each individual with Down syndrome who participates in Buddy Up Tennis (our Athletes) is partnered with a Buddy who provides encouragement, coaching, and support throughout our near weekly tennis and fitness clinics.  The Buddies range from siblings and friends of the Athletes, middle school, high school, and college students, and a wide range of adults with a variety of professional backgrounds.  Buddies participate on a regular basis, as they also have fun building and fostering new relationships with our Athletes while, at the same time, gaining a unique and rewarding perspective on life. Our Athletes will inspire and motivate you more than anyone you have ever met!

Every Saturday morning my life is changed for the better because of Buddy Up.  The smiles, willingness, and determination to accomplish things and the unmistakable love for life shared by these Athletes (with Down syndrome) reminds us that we ALL are important and that we ALL should try our hardest and smile everyday!– Buddy Up Tennis Buddy


  1. Signing up is easy and you decide how often you would like to attend.
  2. Find a location near you to see when and where we meet next.
  3. Contact your Area coordinator , complete your forms, and join us on the courts for tennis, fitness, and FUN!