Buddy Up Tennis Training Videos

Welcome to Buddy Up Tennis! You are about to embark upon a life changing journey. Our Athletes are driven, motivated and committed to our program of tennis, fitness and fun.

Before you hit the courts, we ask that you attend Buddy Bootcamp so that you can learn about the logistics of our programs, expectations and how best to work with our Athletes so that you both may have a rewarding experience. We would like to share this training video with you so that you may be prepared in case you are unable to attend a Buddy Bootcamp prior to your first clinic.

It is very important that you Embrace your Athlete with an open mind and heart to best help them reach their fullest potential at Buddy Up Tennis Clinics. Be Empowered to individualize activities based on your Athlete’s abilities. Your Athlete will feed off of your Enthusiasm and Energy so stay positive and have a ball of fun!

This training video is divided into 10 chapters based on different sections of our program. It is critical that you watch this training in its entirety. You will need to enter the password given to you before previewing each video.

If you have questions, please contact your local coordinator or head coach.

The following training materials are copyright protected and are the property of Buddy Up Tennis, Inc. Please do not share these materials or use them outside Buddy Up Tennis. Thank you!

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