Join Our Journey

Buddy Up Tennis is on a mission to spread our impact across the country, maximizing the number of lives we touch and the connections we help form. If you’re ready to help us turn our vision into a reality, there are a number of ways that you can get involved!


Become an Athlete

Become one of our valued Athletes and enjoy being part of a team. You’ll improve physically by enhancing motor skills, balance and coordination. You will grow socially and emotionally while gaining confidence and most importantly, create lasting new friendships.


Become a Buddy

Consider becoming a Buddy (Volunteer), and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our Athletes. You’ll have the opportunity to make genuine connections, give back, and become a positive role model. Our Athletes will inspire and motivate you more than anyone you have ever met!


Become a Coach

Each tennis court and fitness station is lead by a combination of professionals and experienced volunteers. Our coaches continually explore, research and implement new ways to identify the unique needs of our Athletes and challenge them to maximize their full potential. This is a rewarding opportunity to give back and provide an example of leadership and positivity to Athletes.


Start a Location

Buddy Up Tennis is impacting the lives of our Athletes, their families, and Buddies today, providing a strong foundation for their future, tomorrow. We have dozens of locations across the United States and are rapidly expanding. However, in the case that we don’t have a location close to you, we invite you to consider starting one! From recruitment, to marketing, to fundraising support, our staff will provide you with everything you need to get your location up and running.


Make a Donation

Buddy Up Tennis is an Ohio non-profit corporation and relies on charitable contributions in order to sustain our program and fund expansions. Every dollar contributed to our organization directly impacts the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, and 100% of charitable donations are tax deductible. A gift of any amount is welcome and will be used to directly enhance the lives of Athletes with Down syndrome.


Attend an Event

The best way to observe the impact of our programs is to attend an event! We hold a variety of demonstration events, clinics, and fundraisers throughout the year to give patrons an opportunity to experience the impact of our programs first hand, either by watching in the stands or through live participation on the courts.